Translations from and into German, English, Spanish and Dutch

I am the person to contact if you want to reach an international audience.

Properly translated text is an important marketing tool if you want to do business internationally. Many people prefer to read information about products and services in their own language and are more likely to decide to buy if they can identify with the text.

This is why it is advisable to have a professional translator translate such things as your marketing materials, product information and website. And with me you are at the right address. Within my language combinations, I will produce an engaging translation of your text that will enable you reach markets much further afield. I will also proactively discuss the text with you, so it is not only clear and linguistically correct, but also resonates with your specific target group. This will create a very good impression of your company.

Tessa van Swieten Vertalingen produces translations in the following language combinations:

  •  English, Spanish and German into Dutch, my mother tongue
  •  Dutch into English, Spanish and German. These translations are always produced in collaboration with native speakers.


  •  Marketing & business
  •  Tourism
  •  Commercial text

Commercial translations can include website text,  web shop text and other commercially tinted text that you often have to deal with as a business or entrepreneur.You can also contact me for the translation of your press releases, newsletters, business presentations, product information, catalogues, brochures and folders, magazines, staff magazines, mailing shots and general correspondence.

Avoid making a blunder abroad.

When King William Alexander was still crown prince in 2009 , he managed to get on the front pages of the entire international press. He wanted to use the Mexican expression “Cámaron que se duerme se lo lleva la corriente” (a sleeping shrimp will be taken by the tide). Unfortunately the Argentine translator who had translated his speech, had translated tide with “chingada” instead of “corriente. In Mexico “” chingada” is seen as coarse language and literally means “go to hell”

Would you like to avoid such blunders? Then use me and my team of experienced native speakers for your translations. You can also rely on me to review text that has already been translated.