Spanish – Dutch translator: nothing of the original message is lost in translation

There are many variants and dialects of Spanish Standard Spanish simply doesn’t exist.

In Spain alone, besides the official national language of Castilian, there are another four regional languages:  Catalan, Basque, Galician and Aranese.

Spanish is also spoken in Central and Southern America, again with significant regional differences. I learnt the official Spanish language during my training. Now I speak Spanish every day at home, with my husband who comes from Ecuador in South America. I therefore know better than anybody how certain words can be interpreted very differently in different Spanish-speaking countries.

Translations in all their variants

There are so many differences between all these Spanish language variants, that it is absolutely vital to collaborate with a native speaker to ensure your original message is received perfectly in the target market. You can always contact Tessa van Swieten Vertalingen for professional translations and advice.

As a translator, I will proactively consult with you and ensure nothing of the original power and content of your text is lost in translation.

I am happy to help you with:

  •  your translations
  •  proofreading
  •  text revision