What does a translation cost?

We will agree a project price in advance, so you will always know where you are


The rate for your translation work is based on a number of different factors, including:

  •  the source language (German, Spanish, English or Dutch),
  •  the difficulty of the text,
  •  the area of expertise,
  •  the desired delivery time, and
  •  the file format, such as Word or pdf.

As standard, our quality assurance process includes the essential research required for the project and the proofreading of every translation by a second translator. If required by the client, we can skip this last stage, for example if the translation isn’t intended for publication but is only required to enable the contents of a foreign-language text to be understood. A total price will be established for the project depending on the above and any additional requirements, such as drawing up a terminology list or style guide.

Text revision

I charge an hourly rate for text revision. We will agree a project price in advance, so you will always know where you are. I can only give you a final project price after I have received and examined the documents.

Specific requirements

I am happy to give you a free quote for any specific requirements. Please send the text you want to be translated by email to offerte@tvsvertalingen.nl or complete the quotation form .

If you don’t have a specific text to hand, but would like advice on the translation strategy that would best suit your business, or if you have any other questions, please email tessa@tvsvertalingen.nl or complete the contact form .

Do you want your translations to make a good impression? Then contact Tessa van Swieten Vertalingen!

In collaboration with my established team of translators we deliver a quality service, facilitated by extensive quality control during the translation process. And I am proud of this. Are you looking for quality translations that will impress your customers? Then why not get in touch?

After all, good international marketing for your product or service starts with a good translation.