At home with tourism

I studied translation not only in the Netherlands, but also in Belgium and Germany. I  have also travelled all over the world, even as far as South America. My passion is not only for foreign languages, but also for foreign cultures. I am therefore very happy to produce translations for the tourist industry.

Fashion translations

I am particularly drawn to fashion. And fortunately the fashion world is also drawn to me, because I have translated a large number of fashion-related texts. I will ensure that your text looks and is beautifully groomed. So your business, product or service creates an excellent impression.

Learned in education

I have carried out numerous assignments for educational institutions since 2009, in particular in the field of remote learning and e-learning. I provide practical advice to educational institutions, but have also written teaching materials. And I am getting more learned by the day as I translate new business e-learning and training courses!

Tessa makes food taste good

I know the recipe for translating text about food, without missing a single ingredient or losing any of its original flavour. I will ensure the translations are appetising to your target group, but leaving them hungry for more. With a professional chef for a partner, I have plenty of culinary expertise in house. I also spent a couple of years translating a periodical magazine about decorating pastries, cakes and cupcakes. Interested in my food-related translations? Feel free to try a taster translation.

Translating digital text

I have always had an affinity for the digital sector. This is why I took a second master’s in translation at the Vrije Universiteit (VU) in Amsterdam, specialising in ICT. I have acquired a great deal of experience translating ICT texts, translating not only a lot of marketing material for software companies but also their consumer manuals.

Working procedure

If you want to know exactly how a job is carried out in practice, you can best take a look at the  working procedure. If you have any questions about my services, please don’t hesitate to contact me.