Translating magazines

Have you or anyone else written an article about your company? Does your business publish a consumer or staff magazine? Wouldn’t it be nice if your target group could read this in their own language.

You will get the attention of the press, customers and employees must faster when you address them in their own language. I can translate your articles, papers, newsletters, periodicals and magazines for you. This can be for either internal and external use. If required, in the style appropriate to the medium of your choice.


My specialist sectors are: fashion & lifestyle, tourism & culture and software marketing.

Translating your journals and magazines from and into German, English, Spanish and Dutch

When translating your papers, Tessa van Swieten Vertalingen will consider:

  •  the content and the purpose of the text
  •  the intended target group
  •  country-specific cultural characteristics (is the article in this form suitable for this country?)

I am happy to help you with:

  •  your translations
  •  proofreading
  •  text revision

Want to know more? Then please contact me

Would you like to know more about professional marketing text in Dutch, German, English or Spanish?

Then don’t hesitate to contact me. Send an email to, complete the contact form or call me on +0031 (0) 15 8000 218.